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Below is a brick pier pergola constructed in Boughton Aluph, Kent, last Autumn. Built with imperial 3 inch reclaimed red bricks using lime mortar sharp sand mix, 6'' x 3'' shaped tanalised softwood timber for the top and high density trellis infill in the back.

Reclaimed bricks for the piers Lime mortar brickwork Old red bricks
Pergola, paving and plants Cobble edging, low maintenance gravel and pergola Sandstone under pergola

Above is a pergola with 6 inch tanalised softwood posts and finished using medium density trellis. The structure's posts are flint rammed deep in the ground. It's stocky, heavy duty form coupled with the top trellis resulted in an extremely strong pergola that simply doesn't flex. Completed in Challock May 2021.

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