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Landscape Gardeners in Kent
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Brick wall built in Tunbridge Wells, Kent (Spring 2015) by Rob McGee & Son.

An English garden bond wall from new imperial sized bricks with traditional lime mortar.

Where a Leylandii hedge once stood on a busy road, there is now a low maintenance "Character" brick wall potentially in place for hundreds of years...

New brick wall Tunbridge Wells
The original Leylandii hedge

A yellow and multi coloured wall 9'' deep with 18'' piers.

Other details include hardwood gate and sleepers, sandstone setts / cobble steps.

We build garden walls in Kent, London, The Southeast. For further information please call 01233740389 or email.


Landscape gardeners in Kent

Hardwood entrance gate in brick piers

Inside view of steps, gate and brickwork

Front view of wall and gate
Substantial looking piers from the inside. Steps square on to gate Yellow / multi brick wall